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Good day to all my fellow Musik Reformers.  Recently I posted a ‘KrissyB quote’ stating: ytjetyje.JPG
Lol.. I know many of you know where I’m coming from.  But really, how is that considered a freestyle?  Do we even know what a freestyle is anymore?  Well, let’s look it up and see what it means, just in case i’m the one who’s wrong or something…..

Freestyle- To improise rapping sentences without recycling the stuff you’ve wrote on a piece of paper.

Hmmm.. so, I’m not bugging… Alright well, I have a challenge for all my true freestylers to see who really got skills.  Honestly, I don’t believe too many will take me up on this challenge for there isn’t too many true artists out there.  But here it goes anyway….


This is my challenge:
– Attain access to a recording device via audio (and video preferred).
– When you are ready to record your freestyle, hit us up via this site, or facebook message ( or through email at:
– We will then send you a random (picked out of a hat style) subject.                      *Example subjects:  – Paying your cell phone bill
– Being a parent
– Growing up broke/rich
–  Riding a short bus to school
–  Having a pet named TuTu…….. etc…
-You then must freestyle about subject for at least 4 minutes.
-Your audio/video must be uploaded/sent to us by 15 minutes.
– All audios/videos will be promoted by Musik Reform (4 free)
– Musik Reform will host your audio/video to track statistics.
– Please expect comments by the public.  Musik Reform asks that all opinions be done so in a constructive manner.  And give support and props when props are due.. No Hating!! 🙂

This is an opportunity to differentiate yourselves from the wack rappers I speak so lowly of.  One of the problems we have is so many hobbyists that claim they are hiphop and don’t even know what it means.  Thank you for loving music, but please learn to respect it and know your place.  This challenge is for real lyricists only.

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