Artists & The ‘Open Mic’

Open Mic (Dictionary)

These shows provide an opportunity for people to gain experience performing to a live audience without having to go through the process of getting normal music gigs, which is very difficult to do without experience of live performance. Open mikes have been gaining in popularity in recent times, providing a much-needed outlet for singer-songwriters.

Reasons to Perform/Go to an Open Mic:

1. Purpose (Is the rate you’re paying worth the drive, time, and money? Are their Label Exec’s or Scouts there? Do you win money? Etc…)
2. Audience (Let’s be honest: These are your potential fans. If no one’s there to hear your music, then besides practicing, what’s the point??)
3. Advantages (Networking, Practicing, Acquiring Media for Personal Promotions, etc.)
4. Served it’s purpose (At the end of the night will it be worth it? If you was told you’d meet Label A&R’s and won’t but only paid $5 to perform: F.Y.I.= It’s worth it, ………… BUT, if you paid $100 to get a spot in a rigged concert or you’ll only be networking with the boys in your own city/town/circle: F.Y.I.= It’s not worth it!)

How Can I find out beforehand if the ‘Purpose’ is Legit?

Yes, I’ve said it once again. Music is also a business, so you have to put on your thinking caps and do a little math.
Does Investment + Open Mic = An Accomplishment ?
Record Labels do not typically go or send any reps to Open Mic’s. Unfortunately, there are way too many politics involved in open mic’s for reputable industry rep’s to take there time out and look for talent here. How many times have you as an artist been asked to pay too much money to perform? A lot! This is why they don’t come out: No matter what you sound like, as long as you have the money or followers who can pay to come out, you’ll get to perform. Open Mic’s are not generally based on ‘Good Music’, it’s is based on Financial Profit. Promoters have been known to often lie about their affiliations with Labels in order to fool the artists. If an artists sees ‘Label logo’, ‘CEO’, etc on the flyer it looks official and in turn the artists thinks it’s a good opportunity.
In this great day of age in this internet world, it’s not hard to ask people questions to find out what true affiliations they have:

♫ Call them.
♫ Ask them for NAMES.
♫ Call the Labels and ask them.
♫ Ask your friends.
♫ Look at their previous opportunities and find out if anything ever came out of them.
♫ Contact Artists who performed for them

Performance Tips:


Depending on how many songs you have: Always Do your ‘Best’ first. You never know if your second, third song promised will really get to happen.

Have only the song(s) you’re performing on the CD you hand the DJ. Nothing is more annoying than having the wrong song come on, DJ don’t hear you, yall start, then he cuts it off ..

Always check your CD the morning beforehand to ensure there are no problems come time to perform. And Make a 2nd copy and take it with you.

Have appropriate promotional material that reflects the event. (Don’t get to an event that’s bigger than you thought and you only have 6 CD’s in your car)

PROMOTE YOURSELVES!!! How you expect anyone to hear you if the only one promoting is the promoter?

Beware of Janky Promoters! Everyone knows Real recognizes Real… So if you keep yourself wrapped around NON-Legit events, eventually, people will stop listening when you talk about the moves you making.

Open Mic’s VS. Concerts

Know the difference between Open Mic’s and Concerts.
Open Mic’s generally have the atmosphere of allowing artists to come, sign-in, and perform. Concerts on the other hand are pre-planned events with chosen artists. Concerts tend to cost more to perform at due to the fact that more promotion is thrown into the event. Neither Open Mic’s nor Concerts are guaranteed to be entertaining for the fan/consumer. That is why it’s important for all artists to surround themselves of business minded, REAL MUSIC promoters. Fans know which event hosts to follow, based on whether they’re looking for GOOD MUSIC or a party.

What’s the main point?

When it all comes down to it, all Promoters need to give you something to walk away with at the end of the night that makes you ultimately decide: It was worth it. Artists are being categorized as an entity to market.
How can they get your money?
What would you be willing to buy into?
What do you want to hear that will make you pay?

DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Or be victim of the ‘Janky Promoters’.



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