Urban Xpressions (TV)

After 19 successful years of broadcasting the latest urban videos, conducting artist interviews, profiling businesses and giving back to the community through free events, food giveaways and school supplies, Urban X-pressions is broadening its reach. Telemundo (WWSI-TV 62) airs (In English), Saturday, 1:30mid-2:30am. Every Wednesday on Comcast Channel 66 and Verizon Fios 29

Artists who are interested must call 215 843 1984 or urbanxpressions@yahoo.com and schedule a time with a 50% deposit.

The fee for video submission is $50.00, 50% is non-refundable. All artists must call and make an appointment. A deposit of 50% is required to hold your spot and a lyric sheet must be submitted.

Urban X-pressions is all about making a positive change so we have some basic rules. All artists are welcomed to have their video submitted to be critiqued by the industry professionals in attendance but we are putting the artist to a challenge to submit videos with hot tracks and positive lyrics. Rules are as follows:


No Cursing, No Profanity, No Nudity, No Violence

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