R.A. The Rugged Man Official Murderous Lyricist Competition

“I’m tired of the mainstream media and publications promoting mediocrity and garbage rappers who can’t rhyme. Fuck all that disgraceful corporate run nonsense. Let’s use the internet as a tool to promote and find the most brutal rhyme spitters alive. I’m holding a competition. I’m looking for the MC who could spit the most jaw dropping verse. Signed or unsigned i could care less, I don’t care if the verse you submit is 12 bars or 100 bars I just want it to destroy rappers and fuck up anybody who hears the shit. Don’t send me no corny nursery school radio rhymes either, I don’t care if you think it’s commercial, if you send me some wack bullshit I’m gunna tell you. I want to find that next artist whose bars make MC’s wanna re-write their verses. ” -R.A.

1) The FIRST PLACE WINNER will get to record a verse on the upcoming BAD BIOLOGY compilation album that will feature Kool G Rap, Jedi Mind Tricks, Atmosphere., Rza, Celph Titled, Killah Priest, Apathy, Smoothe the Hustler, Inspectah Deck, Remedy, R.A. the Rugged Man, Reef the Lost Cauze, Prince Paul, Hell Razah amongst others…
2) The winning video will be plugged on R.A.’s Website, Twitter, Myspace and Facebook.
3) The winner will also receive a ‘Murderous Lyricist’ trophy.
1) Upload a video of you dropping your most murderous bars to youtube. At the beginning of the video state your name, your city and that you’re entering the murderous lyricist competition at ratheruggedman.net .
2) Sign up for a forum account HERE.
3) Create a post in the ‘CONTEST ENTRIES’ section. The Title should be your name and your city (ie. ‘Mike Burner from New York’ ).
4) Embed the video into your post. (If you’re really too dumb to figure it out.. just post the link.)

Contest entries will be accepted untill 12:00 am on August 22nd.
If you have issues, email rockafeller@ratheruggedman.net.

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