“In ‘Hating Ass Philly’, nobody laid eyes on me” -ENess


Apparently so.
Whatever city you’re from, you either have the impression they’re holding you back or they love you. Either way, if you want to be known in the world for your talent, you have to let the world see what you got.

I tell artists all the time to branch out. Submit your music (assuming it’s copyrighted and protected) to any and all outlets that you can find. How will someone in Cali hear your music from NY if you’re not giving it to them?
It’s all about the work you put into it. There is no reason an artist can’t find outlets that’ll play their material if the material is good. YOU have to make a name for yourself! YOU have to take the time to ensure the work you’re doing is released. Some tips on having your music nationwide:

  • Distinguish fans from business contacts. Facebook has given people the chance to have ‘fan’ pages.. Use them for fans, but use your 5,000 limit to reach out to nationwide am/fm/internet/radio stations, television, venues, other artists, media, etc…
  • Don’t blame it on your City! Oh, so it’s everyone else’s fault that you’re not getting the exposure you want?  But Eminem can come from a small trailer park in Michigan and blow up.. What’s your excuse now?
  • Google is a powerful Tool. It doesn’t take alot to google ‘hiphop *insert city name here*”… Social networks can also get you in contact with more fans and business connects from cities you may not ever even heard of.  Ex: Facebook search ‘Michigan Hiphop’. Look for other artists, see what connects they have in that area, be about your business!
  • No one’s gonna ‘discover’ you on Reverb. How many outlets do you have your music on? How many of them did you have to pay for? How many of them are cluttered with a million artists trying to make it too?  Do you end up asking yourself: WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT?  It’s very unlikely a new fan will find your music on most cluttered sites by just browsing.  But if you submitted your music to a small radio station out in Ohio and it’s good and gets airplay, BOOM! New fans.
  • Get the ‘Hate’ out your own blood. Is your talent good or not?  That’s the true question.  Who cares where you’re from, who you know, what people say, etc.  You could move, lose contact with people, and they all start talking shit on you. So, does that mean your music changed? NO! So stop hating and ignore those that do!
  • Hate means they’re talking about me, & keeps me relevant. But are they buying your music or tickets to your show? The only good thing ‘hate’ can do for anybody is keep them motivated.  People expect and want everyone to be just like them, no better than the rest.  When you do something appealing to some, the others who cant do it want to bring you back to their level.  Make yourself an example that yes, you can do it, if you just try! HATING: FEED OFF IT, NOT INTO IT!
  • Promote those that promote you. Unfortunately the music world is a business world also.  There can be 5 great artists that a radio show is promoting because their music is superb.  Let’s say only one artist keeps in contact with them, makes themselves available for interviews, promotes the radio show on their own social pages, etc… Who you think will have more music played?  It’s more about respect than anything.  Alot of artists nowadays shy away from featured spotlights unless it’s through a major music outlet, BIG MISTAKE!  Alot of scouts looking for raw talent don’t go to these outlets to find artists, why? because they usually are paid by the artists or are personally affiliated with the artist and that’s how they got their ‘feature’.
  • If you scared, say you scared! I honestly believe artists don’t make themselves available to the public because they are scared of criticism.  Good! Stay home with your album, you’ll always get love from your crew when you play it from your car stereo at a local picnic.  The more you stretch yourself out to the public, the realer things become.  Not everyone is going to like you and REAL artists know to take this constructive criticism correctly.  Never turn down an offer of having someone promote you!  If you do, they naturally assume you don’t think you’re worth promoting, so they won’t either.

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