Sol Infinite – Vignettes

The youngest of two children, Sol Infinite was born in Paterson, NJ in 1981. He spent his teenage years in Montclair, NJ, where he still resides today. Growing up, he remembers going to his aunt’s house every weekend for family gatherings. His aunt would spin records, turning him on to artists ranging from Blue Magic, James Brown and The Dramatics, to KRS One and Public Enemy. It was here that he first discovered hip-hop.
From there he began writing rhymes in high school, simply as a way of expressing himself. He soon realized that it was more than just a hobby—it was second nature. His motivation to create music goes beyond fame and aspirations of material treasures. For him, creating music is something that he has to do.

Sol Infinite - Vignettes (inspired by the Motion Picture of Everyday Life) by

Tel: (973)731-6015
The Album Within,Destination is available now for free download.♫

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