LaTosha Brown “I Know I’ve Been Changed”

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She is working on an album "Hope, Heartbreak and Healing". It will be produced by Mark Growden and will come out in Spring 2012.

Produced by Porto Franco Records for its video podcast.

An impromptu take at Piety Street Studios during a break from recording Mark Growden's upcoming album "In Velvet".

We booked Piety Street for 3 and a half days for Mark's record. The plan was to record Friday, Saturday, and Monday and to rest on Sunday, which was booked as a half day just in case. Instead of letting the half day go to waste, we got in and recorded this song with LaTosha and two of Larry Sieberth originals.

There was very little preparation - LaTosha, Larry and Myles worked out an arrangement in about 15 minutes.

Enjoy. Check out our label Porto Franco Records and our video series

LaTosha Brown is director of Gulf Coast Fund, a social justice philanthropy organization. Check them out at

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