15 Questions With: I-Know Brasco


MusikReform-  What is your stage name and why do u use it?

I-Know Brasco. The Brasco came from us just picking random Italian mob sounding movie names when we first started rapping when we was like 12 or 13 and the i-know was a promo campaign i started to show off the amount of love the streets of North Philly had for me n it got to the point people just greeted me that way

MusikReform-  What do you want fans to feel when they listen to your music?

Iwant them to have fun, I want them to feel like I rap better than most and I want them to identify with my life and all the ups n downs

MusikReform-  If you could pick 3 artists to do a colab with, that would go on an album nationwide, who would they be?

jay-Z, Patti Labele, steven tyler

MusikReform-  With all the different ‘labels’ put on the types of music out there, give me 3 words that describe your music..

Honest, Street, Fun

MusikReform-  What is something most people don’t know about you?

I used to play violin

MusikReform-  As an Independent Artist having to handle many tasks yourself, what would you say is the most difficult and what do you do to try and overcome it?

Financing your career. You have to invest and take losses which is part of anything but when you also have bills to pay and you have to make certain sacrifices to maintain both its a serious process

MusikReform-  Whats your view on the current status of ‘mainstream vs. underground’?

i feel like the internet has blurred the line..nowadays mainstream means you will get radio play but underground artist are packing shows and getting videos to over millions of views. its just a matter of profit and return now

MusikReform-  What’s your reaction when you hear the phrase ‘HipHop is Dead’?

Anyone who says hiphop is dead does not know the true meaning of hiphop and to me they cant discuss rap music with me

MusikReform-  What’s the name of the last song you dropped and the concept behind it?

A freestyle called ‘Glory” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94KVklsCzHg&feature=related) the concept was just me speaking on the current status of the inner city and that i see happening with our youth and how even though people may see me in certain places where it comes across as if i am removed how deeply these things truly impact my daily life

MusikReform-  What is your definition of a ‘rapper’ vs. ’emcee’?

I feel an emcee is someone more dedicated to the lyrical craft. a rapper can rap and makegood songs n can be catch but from time to time may not be the most lyrical person. Also a rapper cant control a crowd n inspire other artist the way an Mc does

MusikReform-  What can we expect from you in the future?

More music more music more music new project called THE KNOW I-KNOW is on the way and after that just a constant stream of music and visuals

MusikReform-  Do you have any performances coming up?

no but i am always ready for some because i know for a fact my stage game is second to none

MusikReform-  Have you ever put out a diss song? Why or why not?

no i have not and that is because nobody has dissed me…if someone threw a direct jab at me it would b bombs away

MusikReform-  I’m not gonna ask who inspires you, I wanna know who do YOU inspire?

Since i dropped glory i have had people from all walks of life say that my music has inspired them. i hope to inspire as many young people to be better and the older ones to help the younger ones

MusikReform-  Is there anything you want to add/say?

yes!! follow me on twitter @iknowbrasco !!! stay tuned for more music and i hope you enjoy me cuz im gonna b out here heavy…stay positive and lets win

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