New Pay-2-Play ‘Booking’ Scam Alert!


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Recently, it was brought to my attention that a prior company who was uncovered for the fraud that it was, has changed names and are trying to scam artists once more.

The company’s current name is: AFTON.

Formerly known as: Big Time Entertainment.

As artists, getting shows is hard, granted, and unfortunately others will try to benefit off of this by telling you what you want to hear: “We Can Book You!”

But be warned, as most things, it’s too good to be true. I’ll cut through the bumbo jumbo and tell you what they really do:

  • The company will rent a club out for the night, usually a cheap one noone really goes to..
  • They usually work out a deal with the club that states if they bring in a nice crowd and the bar makes alot of money, they won’t have to pay anything for having the event there..
  • Mind you, they worked for a while before all this flooding maaaaad people’s emails telling them, we can book you, and waiting to see who responds…
  • Once (in some towns up to 35) people respond to want to get ‘booked’, they send you tickets..
  • The artists MUST SELL the tickets, the artist gets to keep $50, and they make whatever amount over $200 that you sell.. But you MUST give them the $200 if you want to perform….
  • Whoever sells the most tickets, gets the best performance time…

So you end up putting in all that work to actually just pay $200 to be able to perform at a show that can be who knows who/what performing before/after you.  Honestly ask yourselves, how does that benefit the artists?


The music Industry is so flooded that the rules have changed. Think of it as college. You may want to be a Lawyer but have to take Calculus classes that you feel you don’t need. You may SUCK at Calculus. But in the end, you NEED this information and MUST learn it for the sake of your overall goal. Artists: I can not stress the importance of doing your homework!

Pay-2-Play events very rarely provide a true opportunity for artists. Artists shouldn’t have to pay to perform. It is a talent and it’s shameful to charge artists to exhibit their talent that others will be entertained by.

Should you ever pay to perform/play? Sure, there may times that you’re asked to throw $5 towards coming into the venue, maybe $5 towards the people running it if you believe in supporting those that are supporting you. But don’t let this be confused as those janky events where only the promoter/company is the ones making all the money.

Now more about AFTON.

Years ago Afton was known as Big Time Entertainment. They would go around through Myspace looking for Rock bands and send them automatic emails. Then they would go through a series of emails, sending you tickets to sell, etc just like they are once again. Big Time Entertainment was finally exposed for the fraudulent company they were and have remained quiet until now. Afton is the new name they go by. They are currently targeting more than Rock bands but are also targeting Rap/HipHop Artists. Their most recent target city is Philadelphia/New Jersey Area.

Should you receive an email from them, I would advise that you do not accept their terms for ‘Bookings’.

Think about it: If they have (up to 35) but we’ll go with 20 Artists signing up and selling tickets, they end up making more than $4,000 in one night for YALL performing. Truthfully, if the Artists are willing to sell tickets, up to $200 worth, then there’s no reason Artists couldn’t rent the club and keep the profit themselves. THEY ARE TRYING TO PLAY YOU!

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Open Mics/Performances are a major factor for artists. But you must leave at the end of the night having personally accomplished something. For more information on what to look/watch out for when it comes to performing, I encourage you to read  our article,

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  1. Thank you for posting this. My daughter got an “offer” for one of these things. After reading this story and a couple others, we won’t go near this stuff.

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