Damn Homey!! Popa Wu (Wu-Tang) Ends Rumours of DLAH (HellkeyDoe)’s False Wu Affiliation.


Everyone wants to be affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan and Killa beez movements, its a lot of dreams for a number of established and mostly up and coming artists. Working with the members is one thing, being affiliated is another, It is common knowledge affiliations to the Clan and its movement is usually via any of the 9+1 generals (e.g The RZA, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Raekwon, Ghostface killah etc), through family ties or endorsed by the head of the business such as by Divine, Power etc.

So it comes as no surprise a number of artists would do anything to claim affiliation, some rightfully so, and some, well lets just say its time to call it quite when the person who you claim to be affiliated through says you are not.

Popa Wu a well respected spoken words artist, Poet, spiritual leader and father figure of the Wu-Tang Clan gave DLAH an opportunity to produce a full project for him and since then DLAH has gone on to confuse the collaboration as a form of initiation into the Wu movements, The fans have for years questioned his motives and claims, he recently put out an album titled after Wu-Tang called De Ja Wu, same name Wu affiliate Cilvaringz called his unreleased but leaked album 10 years ago, Rinz is also an artist DLAH has publicly epxressed his dislike for as well as recording a diss song about him and his affiliation.

Hellkeydoe and Future Chamberz was the group DLAH started off with his female rhyme partner and released the Bloody Birdz project, later going on to expand after jumping ships and crews into a bigger one crew called Future Chamberz with fellow artist Rraddr Van and others. The group was featured all over “Visions of the 10th Chamber part 2” which was released in 2008 produced by DLAH himself. unfortunately the album was not well received and they were subsequently dropped from the label, marking the end of this venture, especially as as the members fell out publicly over the net due to creative differences, internal problems, and egos, leading to the break up of the group around 2008 and each member going their separate ways with DLAH keeping hold of the name.

In a recent interview with Popa Wu, he was asked about his work with DLAH, and the great POPA Wu expressed his dissatisfaction on how DLAH have conducted himself, and misused the opportunity given to him, Popa Wu even went on to add that DLAH was never affiliated to the Wu movement via him, and it was merely a collaboration, and asked DLAH to stop claiming WU-Tang, a claim to date DLAH have refused to stop claiming. Putting out a video attacking a couple of Wu-Tang artists who have refused to work with him as well as websites he felt have not supported him or was a forum for for exposing his false claims, pointing out it has been due to jealousy and labelling them bootleggers and groupies.

The main question at hand has nothing to do with the work he put in during the collaboration, as it was quite evidence he produced all the songs on project, the question however is his constant and obsessive claim of affiliation to the Wu via Popa Wu who have rejected this claim to be a 100% false and he has not been in touch with Popa Wu over the past 3 years as stated by Popa Wu, which is quite surprising for those looking in as DLAH once again released an album early this year, 2012 and claimed it to be presented by Popa Wu, an album Popa Wu was not aware of.

Proof as they say is in the pudding, Its not our place to say who is wu and who is not, however it is our place to allow the artists to talk about themselves and Popa Wu had a lot to say about DLAH, Do not take the sites word for it, read the interview below from the horses mouth and make up your mind. Audio interview available via request.


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