Rich White ft. Knotz & LoyaL – Me Neither

Rich White

Inspired to ryhme as a child from literature and poetry his mother used to read him at night. The one thing he has been passionate about was clever wordplay.

Raised in a home where his mother was the soul provider and his father was addicted to crack cocaine. He used music as an escape from reality.
Shortly after he turned 17 his father died and he was homeless. Hip Hop being the only scapegoat he had he began to devlop the skill of a Wordsmith.

Lyricaly talented and morally bankrupt he began chasing the high he would get when a crowd would roar. He soon began to take the craft more serious when people from his neighborhood began to ask him to flow at parties and show him praise when he would do well.

Rich White ft. Knotz & LoyaL – Me Neither

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