American Promoter Abducted After Nas Cancels Concert (UPDATE!!!!)

Let’s start with the Original Story (1 Month Ago):

It seems that Nas is ready to put his cape on and save the day! After missing a concert that he had been paid to perform in, an American promoter had been kidnapped in Angola.

Now Nas is extremely concerned about the safety of the concert promoter and is ready to write a big check to bring him back home safely!

Sources close to Nas told TMZ, the rapper wants to help out, but refuses to shoulder the entirety of the blame.

Nas and his team initially agreed to perform the NYE show … but made the decision to call it off due to a “miscommunication” about travel plans.

Sources say that, Nas never intended to keep the money, his team was just unclear about where to send the check. We’re told Nas’ team is currently working on a solution … and intends to help resolve the matter ASAP.

Well it’s good to see that Nas is taking responsibility in his hands and doing everything he can to help get the promoter back safely.


49 days after he was kidnapped in Angola following a derailed Nas concert, a U.S. concert promoter is now free to go home … TMZ has learned.

A rep for Patrick Allocco tells us, “An order was entered today by Angolan authorities lifting the travel ban which prevented [Patrick] and his son from leaving the country for 49 days after [Nas] failed to show for a New Year’s Eve concert.”

According to the rep, Patrick and his son, Patrick, were immediately escorted by U.S. Embassy Officials on a flight to Lisbon. The two men are expected to arrive in Newark, NJ Saturday afternoon.

TMZ broke the story — Allocco was kidnapped by an Angolan concert promoter last month and held by Angolan authorities, after the Angolan promoter wired Allocco $300K to secure Nas for a concert abroad … and the rapper no-showed.

Nas paid the money back weeks ago — but there was a lot of back and forth since … and the ordeal dragged on.

Patrick’s rep adds, “We are relieved that this nightmare is over and are looking forward to coming home to our family and friends who have supported us with their prayers and optimism during this ordeal.”

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