Video: MTV’s Hottest MC’s In The Game VII (Full List)

Do you agree with Rick Ross being number 1? Why was Young Jeezy left out? Does Jay-Z deserve to be higher on the list? Does this list matter at all? Check out the full list below and let us know your thoughts.  Next year they really need to name this Most Popular Artist Of The Following Year. All I'm saying is there are a few people on here who I wouldn't put in the "MC" catetgory. *Kanye Shrug*

Top Ten List:

#1. Rick Ross

#2. Drake

#3. Kanye West

#4. Nikki Minaj

#5. Lil Wayne

#6. Jay-Z

#7. Meek Mill

#8. Big Sean

#9. Wiz Khalifa

#10. Wale


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