Steve Smiff ‘Kill YaSelf’

Kill yaself

The concept of this song comes from my desire 2 change myself as a person. I titled it “Kill Yaself”, to say that in order for one to undergo a drastic change you must be willing to assassinate your former self to become who you aspire to be. In the chorus, Im referring to myself as the pain that you must endure to do so, which I believe is a clever to mask a message beneath the words. I hope everyone gets as much feeling out of it as I did when I made it.





Steve “Statik” Smiff

In the new age of music, it sometimes become a difficult task for an artist to separate him/herself from the masses. However with a vast arsenal of styles and lyrical structures, creative concepts and the ability to blend new and school feels. Smiff has started to emerge from the pack on the New Jersey hip hop scene.

2011 was highlighted by several performances, including two Garden Variety shows in Trenton and the Put Up or Shut up battle league in New Brunswick. As well as the release of a mix tape titled “Street Dreams” v.1 and features on many mix tapes. 2012 is already starting off on a good note, as Smitty jumped on collabs with the likes of Phace, Sol Zalez, DJ A$harp, Mr Fickle, Skrewtape, El Da Sensei and others.

Being overlooked for years can do many things to a person. It seems that Mr. Smiff is using the frustration and pain to create thought provoking and meaningful music.


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