Martin family attorney proves Zimmerman did not act in self defense

Written By: Krissy B.




Benjamin Crump, Martin Family Attorney held a press release today in reference to the shooting of Trayvon Martin. During his announcement he included numerous means of proof that Zimmerman was not acting in self defense as claimed.  The police force is under heavy scrutiny related to the killing of Trayvon Martin over the absence of an arrest of the shooter, Zimmerman.  In the state of Florida, if a shooter claims it was self defense, it is then the prosecutor’s job to prove otherwise.  Though they say it is under investigation, many are outraged of the handling of this case thus far. According to records provided by Benjamin Crump, Trayvon Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time of the shooting and had remarked his concerns of Zimmerman. Trayvon, who was on his way home from the store, noticed Zimmerman following him and had asked him why he was doing so. From the girlfriend’s account, she advised Trayvon to run home but he insisted on walking fast. It wasn’t until it started pouring down rain did Trayvon decide to start running. Zimmerman, who has been noted as a possibly drunk, mentally ill man decided to take chase to Trayvon. Originally Zimmerman called the police to report a suspisious person and was told to not pursue Trayvon. After getting off the phone with police, Zimmerman proceded to go against what he was told, followed, chased and gunned down Trayvon Martin. In lieu of the evidence brought forth by Benjamin today, it is appalling that there is still no arrest in this case. The Martin family attorney referenced many printout of phone records he obtained pointing out the timeline leading to Trayvon’s murder. According to the phone records, Trayvon was on his phone over 400 minutes that day talking to his girlfriend. He pointed out that Trayvon was in no way involved in any type of illegal activities. As the last few minutes of Trayvon’s phone conversation is explained, Crump reveals how Trayvon was on the phone when he was shot. Trayvon’s girlfriend hears Zimmerman approach him and push him. From there the phone goes silent, one minute before Trayvon is shot. 3, possibly 4 witnesses have since come forth claiming that Zimmerman was not acting in self defense at the time of the shooting. The witnesses are not family members nor do had they previously known the Martin family. As the day progresses, more 9-1-1 tapes are surfucing, in which you hear the callers frantically remarking of the horror of the innocent murder they’d witnessed. Many organizations like Change.Org have come together in support and outrage over the non arrest of Zimmerman. The F.B.I. has started their own investigation in the case.

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