Blood Sacrifices in Hip Hop?

Here MusikReform brings you stories of illuminati claims within the music industry. We only bring you the stories. MusikReform does not take any personal stands when it comes to these stories. We let YOU the reader decide.


Just like there are High Degree Masons in Politics there are some also in the entertainment industry as there are those that are “perfectly possessed” also. It isn’t necessary for you to go through a blood sacrificial ritual to open up yourself to this demons, but it is sometimes asked of many of these people wanting fortune and fame, sometimes knowingly they accept, some not knowing, but by their actions and words give power to those above them to make the ritual happen for them, in order for the artist to get whatever it is that they asked for or have been offered, this is the reason why most artists once they get to a peak in their career they loose a love one, as it is explain in the next video by Professor Griff, saying that this was exactly the case with Kanye West’s Mother, 2Pac, Aaliyah and other famous people and relatives.



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