iFame TV

iFame TV, (Independent Film And Music Entertainment) brought to you by
the award winning production home of WHOMAG Multimedia, is the new
entertainment TV network for today’s generation! Our content consists
of a ton of exclusive movies, TV shows, music videos, concerts,
interviews, old school section, and more! You can watch us on our
premiere of Roku, which reaches 3 million households throughout the
US, plus recently expanding in the UK and Ireland.

iFame will feature a ton of original content including the award
winning international hip-hop show WHO?MAG TV, the world premiere of
the new DMTV (Dance Music TV), legendary urban program Urban
Xpressions (20th year anniversary), Reel Time Models, and many more!

To advertise or get your content on iFame TV, contact rob@ifametv.com!

iFame TV is always looking for new programming. We are interested in
hearing what you got! We are looking for the following…

– TV Shows
– Independent Movies
– Music Videos
– Celebrity Interviews
– Animations
– Music Related Programming

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