I’m With The DJ hosted by DJ NoPhrillz and Benja Styles


Exponent Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Rich Quick’s “I’m With The DJ” hosted by DJ NoPhrillz and Benja Styles. This mixtape is a perfect blend of true school hip hop, art, and culture. In addition to the fierce lyrics and infectious beats, each mixtape contains signed and numbered hand drawn art cards by artist Angela Capel.

This project is a direct result of the hip hop community working together to create real music. From the artists, engineers, producers, videographers and fans, each has dedicated time and energy into making this project a reality. Featured on the tape are artists like Reed Dollaz and Biz Mighty taking on legendary instrumentals such as “I Shot Ya” and break beats from Marley Marl. Songs like “God Got Me” act as magnifying glass into the soul of Rich Quick. In addition, DJ NoPhrillz exemplary mixing and scratching skills are evident throughout the flow of the tape.

From track 1 to track 20, you will be taken on a journey though timeless pieces and be transported to a time of honest lyrics and rhythmic beats. A time when you were proud to say “I’m With The DJ”.



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