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Before making that next track, why not ensure you gain some sort of profit from it? Unless you are already financially secure, making music is an artists opportunity to pay the bills. When including other’s songs/snippets on your album you need to make sure the songs are not copyrighted or you CANNOT seek revenue for them. There are numerous songs that are no longer copyrighted but where do you find them? Where do you find out if a particular song is currently protected?  MUSIKREFORM encourages you to use the following tool to assist you in creating your soon to be profitable songs.

Works that lack copyright protection, and thus fall in the public domain, are available for everyone to use freely and without permission. A work may “fall into” the public domain for a variety of reasons bust most commonly for any of the following three: 1) it is a government publication; 2) the copyright has expired; or 3) the copyright owner has freely committed the works to the public domain. You should not assume that just because a work appears online it is free to use. The Copyright Office provides a searchable database to check the copyright status of registered works here.
Unfortunately, copyright status searches are not conclusive in all cases. There are various situations in which a work may be protected even if no information is available about the work in the Copyright Office records.



I Found Some CopyRighted Material I’d Like To Use, What Do I Do Now?

  • If you want permission to use someone’s material, you can ask for it. If you know who the copyright owner is, you may contact the owner directly.  When you do a search on the database of a particular song it will not only tell you if it’s protected but who owns the copyright to it.

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