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Kansas emcee Stik Figa makes his national debut today with the release of the album that made him a local celebrity: As Himself. To celebrate Stik is giving away the single Absitively.

As Himself was originally a project the Stik Figa had put together and pushed around in his local Topeka neighborhood a few years back.  The project caught local fire and became Stik’s entrance to notoriety with tracks like “Absitively” leading the way.  The entire album was produced by Kansas producer Michael “Seven” Summers who has earned a reputation producing for the best of the best including Kendrick Lamar, Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf, Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, Mac Lethal, Tech N9ne, and Wiz Khalifa.  Stik’s charismatic and humorous flow won the attention of MMG producer Oddisee who originally brought Stik into the fold and is producing Stik Figa’s next album in its entirety.  Mello Music Group decided to pick up the project to release to a national audience and sign Stik to a multi-album deal.


The Track: Absitively
Seven jumps the track off with some chiming jingle bells, strong claps, and a heavy bassline before dropping into an infectious melody and raw drums.  Stik Figa wastes now time getting to what he calls his Kim Jong-Ill on this ni&&a version of the cuban missle crisis:  “sinkin’ battleships with a sick pair of loose lips, don’t plan on any cruises, walks on the beach, terrorize every beat, aint no options for me, go hard or go home… kill a track and use the bones to start flossin’ my teeth.”  Essentially, Stik Figa at his bragadocious best over some jangling good production that thumps nicely.
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Stik Figa “Absitively”
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