“Masks” by StressWon off the EP entitled “Detention With Mr. Caldwell”


“Detention With Mr. Caldwell” is the latest EP from StressWon, released exclusively on IllMuzik Records. It’s 5 hard hitting tracks from the Last Son. No features, no filler tracks. An all out “in your face” assault by the emcee.
Stress will go from explaining his life from juggling being a father to being an emcee to displaying a verbal assault to make your favorite rapper nervous.

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Stress1 was born and raised in NJ. Heavily influenced by Hip Hop Culture early as a kid, it was only logical for Stress to add to the ever growing culture. Rhyming since his early teens to eventually getting into beat making and producing, Stress1 has now made a name for himself on the Tri State underground scene. Stress is also a member of the NJ super group known as “Raw Nature”. He has also done collaboration efforts with notable emcees Vast Aire, Rass Kass, and M.D.E. In 2008 Stress linked up with Legendary producer Domingo and his production company Derranged Beats. Be sure to look out for up and coming projects.


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Find StressWon:

Twitter: @stresswon

Website: www.stress1.com

BandCamp Page: Click Here

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