The Eye Of New Jersey Episode 7

“I usually don’t watch too many live event videos. The audio usually sucks, noone can hold a camera steady, and you can’t see ish! Yeah, this isn’t one of those times.  Don’t go expecting no hollywood director stuff but the audio is good so you can hear the dope crazy stupid lyrics dropped on this video.  So wait, no crazy glitter and gold video editing and it’s still dope? damn right, that’s hip hop baby! Now quiet down and watch… lol..”

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Big Spanish, Team Frontline, TFLBB, Dj Absurd, All Mental, Raw Nature, Stress Won,PA AKA Cleverwon, Silent Knight, The Band Called Fuse, Keith Murray, Jynxx Kilah, BackPack Superheroes, Block McCloud, J-Ronin, Steve1989, The Neurologists Jukstapose, J-Bux, NY ORIGINALS, John Robinson, Kosha Dillz,Soymilk Sinatra, J. Craig, Pryme Prolifik Beats, Rich Mahogany

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