MA$E Works W/ FRENCH MONTANA & Rumors Of MAYBACH Signing, Beef With DIDDY

Recently, Ma$e has been keeping the bloggers posts filled with rumors of a return. Former Bad Boy Records star Ma$e is said to be reuniting with Diddy and a possible signing with Maybach Music Group.

Though neither is confirmed, it is reported that Ma$e is working on an album with Bad Boy Record’s newest member French Montana.

Montana states that Ma$e is serving as an A&R rep on his “Excuse My French” and appearing on “Everything’s a Go”.

Billboard, Maybach and Ma$e’s camp wouldn’t answer any questions about future endevors but Ma$e did kill the rumor of any beef still existing between him and Diddy.

After revealing in 2009 that he spent the last 10 years locked in a Bad Boy contract,(See video below),  Ma$e seperated from  Bad Boy Records and pursued becoming a pastor.

“It took me ten years to get this paperwork right here,” Mase said in an interview. “I had to put this in UPS with a seal on it. I don’t even know what I’ma put out now. Oh my goodness. We good, we good. This is Mase, I got my official papers right here from Puff Daddy, it was love, so I guess we don’t have no problems after all. I don’t even know how to take that. I’m ain’t used to Puff doing good stuff.” -2009 (Shuddup)

Fastforward to 2012 and everything is love again:

“Nah, we surprised each other. Diddy, it is Diddy. To this day, I tell people I don’t have no issues with him. I think a lot of times we get put on the other side of each other, just because of history. He’s one of the biggest contributors who ever gave to the church. We’re probably cooler than I thought.” (Hot 97)

So in closing all beefs are squashed, Ma$e is making a comeback (depending on record sales via French Montana’s songs, and media feedback), and the world just lost a preacher…… for now.  My only question is, when we get hype and mention who should come back out with some mawnsta music… do you ever hear his name?

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