The brand-new 14th Edition of the Film & Television Music Guide is now available!

Just a quick announcement to let you know that the new 14th Edition of the Film & Television Music Guide has just been released so you can place your order now.
A couple of Quick Notes of interest this week:
How Musicians and Composers Make Money
A thought provoking piece – Are we losing our respect for music? 
My Music Screen Sets Sights On Film and TV
Music Supervisors Explain How They Find Indie Music For Movies And TV
How To Succeed In The Music Business (By Trying Really, Really Hard)
Warner Chappell Sr. Creative/Licensing Mgr Tom Foster to become head of Film/TV Licensing at Universal Music Publishing UK
Congrats to Becca Gatrell who was promoted to Head of TV/Film Creative at Universal Music Publishing UK
The Separate Hell that Songwriters Endure…
Since there have been so many changes in the Film, Television and Video Game Music Personnel, you’ll want to make sure to order the brand-new 2012 Film & Television Music Guide issue. You can order a copy at our website by clicking on the  Film & Television Music Guidecover ( or by calling our office at 800-552-7411 (or 818-781-1974).
And if you need to monitor the changes on a daily basis as they happen, the online version of our directories– recordXpress – – is just what you need. The listings in recordXpress are updated everyday throughout the day so you will always have the contact information you need right when you need it! Just look for the banner links to recordXpress from our website or go directly to .
As always, best wishes. We look forward to hearing from you soon — Ritch Esra and Stephen Trumbull, Publishers
P.S. The new May/June 2012 issue of the A&R Registry was also just released so order your copy now!

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