ONE FIFTY – Ethel Cee & Dumhi (Official Video)

ONE FIFTY – Ethel Cee & Dumhi (Official Video)

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ONE FIFTY is featured on the new Ep from Ethel Cee & Dumhi…
“Seven Thirty” available NOW via

Lyrics & Vocals by Ethel Cee
Produced by Haj of Dumhi

Videography by Joe “Sick Six” Painter
Animation & Design by Adam “Monkey Toed Abu” Wiesen
Additional Engineering by Primus Luta


ONE FIFTY was one of the beats I made for DJ Ambush’s ‘Behind the Break’ Fela Kuti beat battle I was a part of in March (2012). Basically Am sent a bunch of us 8 Fela songs to sample and then we linked up at the Arts Garage and battled it out “#TrueSparta” style c/o Vex.

Meanwhile, the day after the battle, Ethel Cee was like ‘send me that aggressive one’. I knew what she was talking about. Later that week we were in the basement finishing up our Ep, I threw it on, and she proceeded to destroy it despite the early stages of a nasty Spring cold.Two days later and there was no doubt that we had to add it to our project.

The idea for the video was to simply make the album cover ‘come alive’.

The first step was to capture the main video portion. We recruited our friend Joe ‘Sick Six’ Painter for this part. Joe is super talented. I first met him years ago when he was just starting his plunge into the world of emceeing. I may be wrong but I THINK I was actually the first person to record him. A few years later, had had not only polished up his rapping style but he taught himself how to make beats, engineer, record, photoshop, and became a great videographer. I mentioned he is super talented right? We knocked out the shoot in about an hour and the next day Joe had sent us the edit.

Next we recruited Adam ‘Monkey Toed Abu’ Wiesen. Adam is a very old friend of mine from NYC. He did the artwork for some of the first Dumhi projects and we once made a few episodes of ‘Food Guys’; a project in which we basically went around NYC and Philly pigging out on video. Good times. I had initially asked Adam to simply scroll the lyrics and add a count down clock to the video. He took it to the next level with all of the animation and design work.

It is always a great pleasure to work with such talented friends on our little art projects. This one eclipsed any of my initial expectations. I am very proud of all of them … and of this video … and the Seven Thirty project.

And of YOU for being here to check it out.

Thank you guys so much and we all really hope you enjoy it.

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