Following the release of his first single “The City” off his LIFEMUZIK EP Album, FLEETA PARTEE has made the video to his second single, “Inception, which was directed by The Note.

 The music video follows Fleeta Partee as he and his crew plan a high stakes heist to takeover a major radio station for broadcasting “wack hip-hop”. LIFEMUZIK EP is available today at iTunes and other digital retail outlets.

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Track listing for LIFEMUZIK EP:


1.Headbang (intro)feat. Wayman Earls

2.Inception feat. TT (produced by Vitamin D)

3.The City (produced by Vitamin D)

4.Starlight feat. Lord Sith and Cnote (produced by Lord Sith)

5.Dirtyrugz feat. Jabrille Williams (guitar) (produced by Vitamin D)

6.I Know (produced by Vitamin D)

7.Apathy feat. Wayman Earls (produced by Jake One)

8.Part of the Game (produced by Vitamin D)

*Outro* produced by Vitamin D


SOUNDCLOUD LINK:  http://soundcloud.com/shocksoundmp3/fleeta-partee-inception-main

To learn more about Fleeta Partee visit:




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