‘Jawnzap7’ Wants You To Know Him, Here’s Why…..


‘Jawnzap7’ Wants You To Know Him, Here’s Why…..

Get To Know…………. Jawnzap7

In 1996 Jawnzap7 found himself homeless. As a runaway teen,  Zap found himself sleeping in abandoned buildings, and on park benches. Hanging with heroin addicts and crack heads. And living the life of a derelict. Zap discovered his talents for poetry and drumming to be a perfect fit for the cyphers that are now legendary in the folklore of Philadelphia Hip-Hop history. Roaming the streets of Philadelphia from South St. and beyond, Zap would rhyme constantly to himself, while walking miles a day just to stay sane.  Getting into cyphers wherever he could. Rhyming with whomever he could. Honing his skills at open mics and on street corners. At drum circles. Anywhere there was an opportunity to rhyme, Zap could be found. He believes this was his salvation from a life of hell. And so he obsessed over it, until it became what he was known for. And a means of survival.

Now all grown up, Jawnzap7 is a threat. Whether making beats or rocking the mic, Jawnzap7 has been one of the most consistent Independent Hip-Hop artists in Philadelphia for over a decade. As a founding member/ emcee/ producer of the now legendary crew, Disciples of Discipline, ZAP quickly earned a reputation as one of the city’s best live performers, and most electric freestylers. Gaining recognition for their self-titled debut album “Disciples of Discipline” in XXL magazine (December 2000), as well as numerous local papers and magazines, D.O.D. was a leader in bringing Indie Hip-Hop to Center City Philadelphia in a time when that seemed impossible.

Garnering a grass-roots following through activist activities and receiving radio play on college radio. D.O.D. went on to release a 7inch single “Starseed Travellers” that was picked up and released worldwide under French record label Kojak Records, a white label instrumental 12inch under Sacred Round Records, and a follow-up reunion album “Ya’ never Know” in 2005, also under Sacred Round Records. Add to that a touring schedule that included much of the U.S., Europe and Canada,  and Zap had built quite a foundation for success.

In 2002 Zap joined the Drum & Bass/Trip-Hop outfit, Robots in Disguise. As an emcee and performing producer in the group, Zap  honed his skills with the MPC, and became an integral piece in a group that was one of the premier live acts in the city at that time. With Robots in Disguise, Zap got an opportunity to play all the large stages in Philadelphia, and expand his fan base beyond the traditional hip-hop scene.

In 2005 Jawnzap7 joined the Live Hip-Hop ensemble Burndown All-Stars. As a member of “Burndown”, Zap swiftlly rose to the top of the pack, which is no small feat in an established group with 12 members. As a member of Burndown, Zap was featured on numerous projects including: “Burndown Presents: Vol. 2”-(Burndown Records), “Wake Up”- (Burndown Records),  Burndown presents: The Balance-(Rope-A-Dope Records), and was a center piece of their live show. In 2006 Burndown All-Stars won Billboard Magazines Independent Music World Series (Northeast edition), as well as earned a place on cable network,  FUSE TV’s “Bodog Music Battle of the Bands” reality TV show, which aired for 3 months on FUSE TV in the Summer of 2007. With Burndown, Zap was being honed into a real professional ready for the industry.

In 2007 Jawnzap7 released his debut solo album “Rubber Teeth & Wax Lips” on his own independently founded label, Stay at Home Music. Jawnzap once again made himself a force to be reckoned with. Doing the production almost entirely himself, and featuring very few guests, Jawnzap7 proved that sometimes you just have to go get what you want yourself.

Now preparing for the unveiling of his follow-up LP: “I Hate My Stupid Rap Life: the misadventures of a starving artist”; recorded in the fall of 2010 at Turtle Studios, and a new instrumental album: “Instrumental Intelligence”– both set to be released in the summer of 2011– Zap stays on his global grind. Following the critical success of his first 2 maxi-single’s from IHMSRL, “Conundrums” & “Pens4Paper” in 2010, and 2 new instrumental albums, “Tesla’s Revenge”—a 19 track project steeped in samples, reminiscent of Pete Rock, Dilla, and Wu-era Rza– in September 2010 & “Red Headed Step Children”–a collection of 29 synthy, spaced out beats airlifted from the vaults — in April 2011, released  on indie digital distribution hub jawnzap7.bandcamp.com Zap is ready for the next level!

Jawnzap7 has rocked stages with legends like The Roots, Common, Yung Joc, Mr.Lif, Akrobatik, Buck65, Jedi Mind Tricks, Reef the Lost Cauze, iCon the Mic King, Zion I, Mac Lethal, RJD2, Digable Planets, Outerspace, Hezekiah, Kuf Knotz, P.O.S., Dj Logic, Adeem, Ratdog (he also holds the distinction of being the first rapper ever to perform with a founding member of the Grateful Dead.), Spearhead, Granola Funk Express, Kosha Dillz, The Grouch, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, Soulive, Steel Pulse, Fear Nuttin’ Band and many others, at venues like The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Tipitina’s, The Whiskey a-go-go, The Gibson Guitar Center, The Key Club, Tipitina’s, The TLA, The Trocadero, The Hippodrome, The Higher Ground, The House of Blues, World Cafe Live. As well as festivals such as All Good Festival (2006-2008), Camp Bisco, and Opple Topple. As this list shows, he is capable of stunning any audience into feeling the energy he brings to the table.


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