Chris Brown Hypes-Up Illuminati Rumors With New Snake Tattoo

Chris Brown Hypes-Up Illuminati Rumors With New Snake Tattoo


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chris brown snake tattoo illuminati ?
chris brown snake tattoo illuminati ?

Chris Brown has premiered a new tattoo on Twitter that had fans questioning if he was a part of the alleged secret organization that focuses on world dominance through the media, the Illuminati.

The 23-year-old R&B singer recently debuted a snake tattoo, complete with one eye. Instead of a rattle on the tail of the coiled up creature, Brown’s tattoo boasted a red pyramid with an eye inside of it, a symbol that many have begun to associate with an alleged secret organization that is aiming to take over the world by using symbolic messages.

Brown, who recently released his fifth studio album “Fortune,” told fans a bit about his tattoo in a caption that appeared with the image on Twitter.

“The impossible triangle: year of the snake,” Brown tweeted with exclamation points.


Since Brown was born in 1989, considered a “year of the Snake” by some who follow the Chinese Zodiac, many of his fans thought the tattoo took on a more sinister meaning.


“Chris Brown’s scary tattoo alleged to be illuminati,” many fans retweeted after viewing the singer’s new body art.


Others began to speculate about the sacrifices that Brown would have to make if he was indeed a part of a secret organization.

“I wonder who will be Chris Brown’s blood sacrifice since he is clearly in the illuminati now,” another person tweeted.

However, others refused to believe in the claims of Brown being a part of a secret organization ruled by an elite few that allegedly seeks to control the masses.

“Chris Brown isn’t illuminati,” a fan tweeted. “I don’t care what anyone says lol”

However, a deeper debate about the secret world organization began to brew on Brown’s instagram account where the picture was initially posted. One person questioned if Brown had what it takes to even join such an elite organization if it existed.

“Assuming that the illuminati is real it would be composed of the richest and most powerful/influential people on the planet,” another person wrote. “And you think Chris Brown is amongst them? The ignorance that occurs on social networks.”

Another person encouraged fans of Brown to do their research about the music industry and the alleged elite organization.

“People are so stupid. Do some research before you start talking what you believe is going on in the world, (expletive) isn’t right and people who haven’t noticed are just being ignorant to the fact that the world is actually (expletive),” another person commented on the image. “Google illuminati behind the music industry you will learn more than I can ever tell you.”

While Brown’s fans debated about the topic, the singer continued to post images and promote his latest album “Fortune” on Twitter.

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