Various Artists (Joe Left Hand Records) – ‘From Where They From (CARDBOARD GATEFOLD)’ (Audio CD)

Various Artists (Joe Left Hand Records) – ‘From Where They From (CARDBOARD GATEFOLD)’ (Audio CD)

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various artists 2


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various artists 3

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Various Artists (Joe Left Hand Records) - From Where They From (CARDBOARD GATEFOLD) (Audio CD)


Back when Hip Hop was pure gold, compilation albums were rare gems compiled by multiple artistS from all over the world, good music that made you break the bank to get the albums with your last pennies. Nowadays artist give away albums on the internet with very little preparation and consideration to the Hip Hop Art form. Joe Left Hand records is a label dedicated to preservation of the Underground / Independent Artist who never relinquish music from the heart.

We present to you “From Where they From” as a way to represent where we from, meaning a time when we did B – Boy styled music just because we felt like it. We would use 4tracks, turntables and grandmothers house to record basement heavy material. We designed this album in collaboration with Cocoon Movements and Nappy9 Folics as a way to keep introducing good music that’s done whereever we at in the world.

Album features artists like Skyzoo, L.I.F.E. Long, Thaione Davis, Centri, Fatnice, Mr. Skurge, Dj Fredones, Masai Bey, Crown of Thornz, Akbar, The Geaux and more. A detailed compilation of fresh music reminiscent of Rawkus Soundbombing and Super Rapping comps. Take a listen and listen again because we From where they from!

1. Ayanna – ‘Gentrified Chicken’
2. Armalitia Music – ‘A9 (Armalitia Nine)’ (feat. Masai Bey / LIFE Long / Yazeed / Akbar / Citizen Kane / Nickel / Mr. Cord)
3. Fatnice – ‘My Favorite Things’
4. Crown A Thornz – ‘Top Billing’
5. Thaione Davis – ‘Falling Down (Kalifornia Mix)’
6. Elohem Star (LW2AC) – ‘Quest Through The Twilight’
7. Killz Killahurtz of the Pretty Sixers – ‘Curb Side Services’
8. Centri – ‘Rhyme Glue’ (feat. Skyzoo)
9. Watusi – ‘Here We Go’
10. Citizen Kane & Emaculit – ‘Rappers Are In Danger’
11. Infinito 2017 – ‘N5 (Untitled Blank)’
12. Nickle – ‘Chronicles of Bruce Illest 1’
13. Mr. Skurge – ‘Joe Fetter’
14. Syntax – ‘Money Pit’
15. Cos-G – ‘Yes Yes Yall’
16. LIFE Long – ‘Head Nod’ (feat. Respect Tha God / Che Fontaine / Crooked Shakespeare)
17. P.Kaye – ‘Best Believe’
18. Low Noise Mechanism – ‘What A Lame Like’ (feat. Mordecai / Ka Sekhem / Jason Da Hater / Max Ptah)
19. Rhinoceros Funk – ‘Clash of the Class’
20. 9th Scientist – ‘Don’t Stop’
21. Whichcraft – ‘United States Pt.2’

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