MARTIAL LAW Explained ‘In Our Words, For Us, The Citizens’

MARTIAL LAW Explained ‘In Our Words, For Us.’

martial law

Author: Krissy Bwuteva

Today, Camden NJ’s Mayor released word that he is finalizing plans to lay off the entire police force by the end of the year. Camden NJ is one of the most dangerous cities in America with an even higher crime rate due to half of its police force being laid off 2 years prior. Crime has been rising at a record breaking pace since the laying off of these officers, which leaves the question, “How does laying off the ENTIRE police force make it any safer?”. The Mayor claims the laying off of police officers will open up the availability of a ‘new metro police force’.  The problem is, as the Fraternal Order Of Police report, is that there is no new police force available once everyone is laid off. While Camden goes through this transfer, who will control/protect the order in Camden? Is Martial Law imminent in Camden’s near future? Let’s skip past the ‘why’ part of this situation and  focus on the ‘what’. We do this in this order because once/if Martial Law is declared in a community it will be YOUR responsibility to react in a manner that is overall beneficial to you and your families well being. Whether it be joining mass protests or locking your doors and hoping/waiting to see if it blows over, knowing what you are battling is step one. Let’s get back to the ‘WHAT’ part:  WHAT takes control over citizens once Martial Law is declared? Well, when there are no police forces active, the government ‘Washington/President/Military’ steps in to take over.  A few months ago, President Obama signed what was called An Executive Order which gives him power to institute martial law wherever in the United States he chooses. Now as Americans, we supposedly have RIGHTS. The RIGHT to know what we are under arrest for, the right to go to court, the right to fair and uncruel treatment, movement, speech, privacy, self defense, and so on and so on.  But when Martial Law is declared: YOU NO LONGER HAVE ANY RIGHTS WHATSOEVER! By definition, Martial Law is the suspension of civil law, civil rights, habeas corpus, and the application or extension of military law or military justice to civilians. Civilians defying martial law may be subjected to military tribunal (court-martial).  The Suspension of civil law: Pretty much means the whole court system, appealing, etc would be nonexistent. No judge would ever hear your case because you don’t have the RIGHT anymore to trial/use of the court system.  Civil Rights: Under Martial Law, you no longer have any civil rights. Free travel will be restricted. This means there may be checkpoints manned by law enforcement and/or military troops. They will have the authority to refuse entry or detain anyone who cannot present a reason for attempting to enter a restricted area. In larger applications these may be called zones. It is safe to assume checkpoints would be setup at major intersections that normally would have the highest traffic flow. That means your God given RIGHT as a human to have freedom, safety, speech, movement, expression, religion, etc WILL NOT MATTER! Even food will be controlled: Restrictions on food, fuel, durable goods. In a severe crisis, these items would likely be rationed; those caught looting or hoarding could face very harsh penalties.  Habeas Corpus: Is our RIGHT if we are arrested to be brought in front of a court and a judge verses just being locked up. Under Martial Law, they have the authority to arrest anyone, release no cause for arrest, permanently imprison a person for life, and never allow the prisoner a trial. Application or extension of military law or military justice to civilians : refers to the Military not having to be accountable for anything. In a normal system, even war has rules, but in Martial Law, no rules apply. Military Justice protects the civilians from Military misconduct, and being accountable. Without it, it leaves the door open for inhumane possibilities.

Now the WHY part…..

The WHY part is essential so you know how to REACT. Each person sets their own limits of what they do or don’t accept. I always believe the best tactic is being proactive. Don’t wait for the war to come to you. With this news coming out in Camden, hopefully interest and awareness can prepare citizens for what could always be a possibility. Preparing and Questioning while you still have freedom of speech will be the only hope citizens have to ensure the lesser of two evils when it comes to Martial Law.

What are your thoughts on the motive behind the Mayor ‘Laying Off Of The Entire Camden, NJ Police force’?

What would you do if Martial Law was declared in your community?

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