@DaBoyBaKe Offers Weekly Music With #BakesDozen


@DaBoyBaKe Gives Fans #BakesDozen

Da Boy BaKe is a stand out Hip Hop artist from Southern New Jersey. As a member of the Knarley Movement BaKe lives by the model, “It’s Kool To Be Yourself.” With his natural differences from other artist & drive to expand his fan base, BaKe has created a viral campaign like no other. The campaign titled “BaKe’s Dozen,” consists of 13 original produced tracks from various Independent Producers, with the lyrics composed by BaKe. The topics range from teenage controversies to having fun at college to religious confusions. All 13 records have been converted to visuals by @UMPIREFILMS of Camden, New Jersey. These short films will put you the listener/viewer through an experience that you will always remember without being disappointed. “BaKe’s Dozen” launches Tuesday, August 21, 2012 with the first visual titled, “Nerd Rap.” The following 12 videos will release Tuesdays on a weekly basis after that. Follow Da Boy BaKe on twitter @DaBoyBake, on facebook DaBoyBake, and share the hashtag, #BaKesDozen. Your friends won’t want to miss this. -DaBoy Bake

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