@OriginalShyne Disses @iamdiddy On New Track ‘You’re Welcome’ Says He Gave Diddy His Life and more via Twitter

Shyne Disses Diddy On New Track ‘You’re Welcome’ Says He Gave Diddy His Life and more via Twitter



Shyne Po “You’re Welcome” (Lyrics): (via Mr. North)
I’ve gotten blessed that night in that club
Nobody died from that slug.
I think about the way that I was
I tell ya I was on one, cuz.
Bout to catch a few bodies, woulda probably caught the chair
First album ya’ll would never got to hear
I can’t believe that I’m here, I should’ve been buried with my pad.

[Verse 2]

I guess everything happens for a rhyme and reason
Still don’t excuse the lying and treason
You could face 100 years in the precinct
Keep your mouth closed, ain’t no speaking
When you in the streets, this is how it goes
Police ask you say ‘you don’t know’
Make sure the witness or follow scent cold [?]
Death before dishonor ’til they take away your soul
I need to know, how my co-d [co-defendant] called witness to sacrifice me
Just so he can get away free, this does not comply with the streets
But he ain’t from there, this is not a smear,
this is what they fear,
the whole truth, I swear

[Verse 3]

One thing about me, I was never naive
I might’ve played dumb to get what I need
But I could see, who was he, nothing ain’t surprise me about this creep
Ha, I from the land of the east, all up in the streets
Man mi nuh skin teeth, eyes wide shut shotta don’t sleep
Look, I seen the plot. What he did to Mason he did to LOX
What he did to Wolf and he did to [?]
God bless the dead, Notorious PAC

Why would I think that I was different, so I just sat in the distance
Kept my mouth closed, looked and listened
Learned all the trades of the sharks and fishes

[Verse 4]

I got partners to go to jail for bodies [?]
Get shot, know who shot him? I won’t testify in court
This kid got millions, that’s how he talks
Should’ve took that paper, made his soul walk.
Talking about he ain’t responsible for my actions
Man, if I was yapping the world, would know what happened
Them kids was about to wrap him
Shyne, they should thank him. But nooooo, they hate him

I hope I ain’t rambling, ya’ll got questions I’m just answering

[Verse 5]

Alpo did it to Rich, Brutus did it to Caesar
Throughout history, the thing is repeated
In a world where Sammy the Bull is a leader
Frank Lucas‘ and Joseph Massino’s
Nooooo, that ain’t my world
All I got is my ____ and my word
Until the electric chair burns, I don’t bend I don’t turn
You ain’t to blame for the witness you called
To say it was me, naaaa that ain’t your fault
The lawyers you paid, I mean that you bought,
To sacrifice me in open court, ha
I moved on, I promise no more songs
Blood, I wish you well
….now watch me sell [sail?]

shyne twitter rant diddy
shyne twitter rant diddy


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