22 Track CD By: @Rhymageddon SOS Listen Now!

22 Track CD By:

@Rhymageddon SOS Listen Now!

RHYMAGEDDON (22 Track CD) and some crazy producing by Divine Drummah in there too! OOOOwEEEE!


Aggressively Conscious Lyricist and then some++++
Rhymageddon is the voice shaking up the entire Hip-Hop world from the Netherlands to Japan right back to his home state of New Jersey. Blame it on the incisive way his lyrics penetrate the minds of true Hip-Hop fans everywhere. Can you tell he’s grown tired of rappers who only rhyme about the materialistic world?

Rhymageddon is the voice shaking up the entire Hip-Hop world one listerner at a time. Fans from the Netherlands to Japan right back to his home state of New Jersey are largely to thank for his 40,000 + song listens and downloads via Rhymageddon.com DJs are beggining to recognize Rhyamgeddon’s use incisive lyrics to penetrate the minds of true Hip-Hop fans everywhere. For example Real Rap he said “I’m from a land where they lynched men just for whistling” and the 2nd verse where he rhymes from the perspective of a mourner at hip-hop’s funeral; while sitting next to DJ Kool Herc at that!! Judging by the comments left on iTunes, it could be Rhymageddon’s matter of fact honestly as heard on All My Friends (recently cracked 3000 views) that proves his humbleness and team player approach to creating change with his music. On “Illest Bars” he proves beyond the shadow of a doubt he’s grown tired of rappers who only rhyme about the materialistic world. Bottom line is Rhymageddon’s approach to emceeing makes both trap rappers and conscious rappers equally nervous of their skill set.

Rhymageddon began penning rhymes while attending Myrtle Ave Jr.high in Irvington, NJ but found it difficult to truly develop because his Nigerian father denounced Rap music in the household. Struggle and passion for what he believed in started there. Rhymageddon was forced to secretly record pioneering Hip Hop radio D.J.’s such as Red Alert and Mr. Magic while his parents slept. The genre should be proud of the way he observed and respected the art form from afar until he went onto college. It was while at Morgan State University that Rhym aka the Spit Sergeant finally gained the time and freedom to hone his talents and merciless vocabulary at open mic sessions, street corner ciphers, talents shows and college radiostations. In 1994, Rhym recorded his first demo and subsequently returned to N.J. to sharpen his sword even further. Bear witness to Rhymageddon, “The sultan of insulting blocks of mental munchkins” a line from his street banger “Rip a MuhFuckah Night.” off of his 2009 solo EP “HORSEPOWER PLUS HANDLING” available now on Rhymageddon.Bandcamp.com. The success of his debut EP independent project led to numerous #SpitSergeantShows all over NJ, NY and PA. The next step was branching out to the MidWest and the West coast with his new project (M.A.S.H.) May Actually Save Hip-Hop produced entirely by DJ Ment Plus (AkaiPros & BoomSkwad) and DivineDrummah from Trenton NJ. This project continues to be heavily spun on internet radio shows and throughout the blogsophere. Rhymageddon felt that workign on a solo EP seemed selfish, so while recording and mixing his own sessions he reached out to fellow NJ artists to work on the full-legnth project “Sergeant of Spit”. SOS is filled with cameos galore from the #NJHipHop family again showcasing his collaborative ability along with desire to put on upcoming Jersey artists on the map.

Rhymageddon continues to push the envelop of lyricism and headnod music with the digital release of “SuckaClip” produced by Edobeci. On it, the Sergeant of Spit takes aim at the bloggers who claim to support good music that rarely sees the light of day. The hook purposely pokes fun at those who revert back to the trivial music already popular on the radio to achieve higher viewership of their prospective blogs. “The Rap Games crazy and it trendy to rhyme like you were dropped on your head as a baby” The video, shot by LifeIronic focuses on the grittier side of Rhym’s music and his brooding presence that can be caught at his live shows.

2012 is off to a great start with the digital release of “Vaccine” featuring internationally known underground starving artist John Robinson aka Lil Sci. Expect a video for this soon.

Rhymageddon is truly the End of All Rhymes!!

For bookings contact HBIC@rhymageddon.com

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