Artists Get Exposure With SMAE TV (*MidWest Artist Opportunity)

Artists Get Exposure With SMAE TV

(*MidWest Artist Opportunity)

SMAE TV, based in Chicago gives artists the opportunity for exposure on TV.  Currently airing on Comcast weekly, SMAE TV offers a platform for independent artists to gain new fans through video exposure/interviews and extending that viral reach with other strategic companies within the music industry.

As an artist, investing in your art is a crucial part of the game. Once artists submit to SMAE TV, submissions are handled by a panel of judges to ensure they fit the criteria and then the artists are offered a spot where they are showcased to millions of viewers. The guidelines to submit music are general ones you can expect from any company with a good reputation for airing good music. Your music, as always, should be submitted only after ensuring it’s the best quality/audio and is complete. Highlighting  gangs, violence, drugs, guns will not be tolerated and/or accepted. A small price for a great opportunity is something all artists look for, and as an artist the point is to always BRANCH OUT. SMAE TV gives you that open door. If you are real about your craft, you just might want to look into this possible connection.

*Be sure to mention MusikReform 😉

Commercial spots are available for those who are looking for placements to promote there business.

(SMAE TV is currently on Comcast Ch 114 on Wednesday’s at Midnight)

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