Johnny Popcorn ‘Hush’ [Official Video] dir Matt Koza

Johnny Popcorn


[Official Video]

Dir: Matt Koza

FUNK/SOUL has been arranged and dragged so much, its aged prematurely. Bands have evolved and even died as its progressive strain mutates and grows. Being a genre so bratty, angst ridden, and fucked around, funk is a recycled phenomenon. Its infectious armor heals after a continuous battering. 2011 may have offers a revival, a medication to ease niggling pains. Johnny Popcorn offers a drug with impact more potent than domestic painkillers. this duo offers their own formula, a concoction of highly fueled croons, layered with their own views.
Topics ranging from teenage growing pains, masturbation, weed, and humdrum suburbia, family values, as the band entered new places. this duo inspiration as the masterpiece that cemented Johnny Popcorn, the album has its fair share of jewels.
Lead vocalist and song writer Hezekiah is no stranger to the music industry with 3 full length solo albums as a hip hop artist. Hezekiah felt like he was neglecting his Southern funk/rock upbringing passed down from his parents from Kentucky and North Carolina.
Bass Guitarist and all around producer Tony Whitfield would aid Armstrong on his Punk/Rock/funk/soul assault. with a diverse spark of rawness and sound the act needed for progress.
Johnny Popcorn has been toying around since the year 2000 reared its head. The World was ready for modern times to take place. Music was beginning to morph, grow an over-skin where generic bands could take shelter. we always kept this project as something fun outside of our regular music carriers. when things get too stressful, record some johnny jams.
 JOHNNY POPCORN is a crow on a mission to get laid,
 his name was  inspired by hez and tone joking around at open mics and putting fake names on the list. but with the show host said the name JOHNNY POPCORN on the mic and the audience chuckled and repeated the name. thats when johnny was born A substance so meaningful to them, it deserved its own ego.


full album Available now JOHNNY POPCORN the crow
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