Motel Eola’s Instrumental EP : Go to School – The 3rd

Motel Eola’s third musical lecture:

Go to School the 3rd

(Beat Tape EP)

It’s time to get re-educated; music class has now commenced and will be lead by 19-year-old London hip hop producer Motel Eola. Today Motel will teach you the basics of hip hop and soul through the release of his new instrumental EP ‘Go to School the 3rd.’

If you’ve done your homework, then you already know that this will be your third class of in music before your final exam “Kids Looking For Gold.”

For those who have skipped classes, fear not ‘Go to School the 1st and 2nd’ is still available online. You can redo the other classes once you’re done listening to ‘Go to School the 3 rd.

Motel Eola’s beats define where music should be at this day and age, fresh and original, but still implementing hip hop and soul roots.

Go to School the 3rd runs deep through your soul, keeping you on a high, and has you reminiscing of the glory days of school where you used to kick it, acted like nothing else mattered apart from listening to music on your Walkman whilst walking to class. A time where you believed dreams still and did come true, which is exactly what Motel achieves with ‘Go to School the 3 rd.’

‘Go To School the 3rd’ is the final Beat tape EP in the installments of instrumentals and remixes, and Motel explains to audiences that they should expect to hear some very soulful music.

Through this series Motel has intended to gather a larger audience, therefore broadening potential supporters for his final debut.

“I do this by including the newly created Blu – Soul Provider (Motel Eola Remix) and opening instrumental “Left Me,” said Motel.

“I also did this EP to show listeners sounds they may not have heard from me in previous releases, and re-introduce them to tracks that are favorites of mine,” he said.

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