Kon Boogie – Jackin’ 4 Beats (DJ PREMIER) -Free Download-

Kon Boogie – Jackin’ 4 Beats


-Free Download-


The final installment of this 5 part Jackin’ 4 Beats project is here!

I’ve decided to adress you guys on a personal note just to say thank you. These were fun to do and really tested my limits as an MC. Taught me a lot about myself as an artist and also about you guys as fans. I truly appreciate the love, plays, reposts, downloads, blog write ups, tweets, email’s and private messages like “When is the next one coming out!? I need that!” Whether you guys (and gals) know it or not it’s those things that keep artists like me going… Striving to be better, pushing me to raise the bar and give you all what you truly deserve… Great Music from the soul. So this is the end of my J4B’s series. I did say i was only gonna do my TOP 5 PRODUCERS, and what would a list like that be without DJ PREMIER!? exactly… Please, enjoy. Each one is free… All i ask is that if you dig them, share them 🙂 Peace and Love my people. Travel safe… #BONG

-Kon Boogie

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