The Rick Ross Gangster Murder

rick ross gangster murder
rick ross gangster murder

The Rick Ross Gangster Murder


Let’s stop the cycle of violence and start to understand it.

We have decided to entitle this article ‘The Rick Ross Gangster Murder’ to bring attention to the need of ‘STOPPING THE VIOLENCE’. If you are a teen or one who believes violence solves anything, please know that Ross cancelled his shows to AVOID violence. THIS is the reality of things. Despite what is said in the lyrics of his songs, violence solves NOTHING, though, unfortunately, talking about it makes money. (See how my article title brought you here so easily?)  We hope that everyone wakes up and only ‘Murders the Gangster versions’ of yourselves. Your struggle may be painful but with it comes strength. Do not let anybody take that from you nor belittle it.

Hip Hop. It is what it is. But as we’ve always encountered, posers have been trying to infiltrate the music business all while lacking talent to sell you an image. I think we’re smarter than that but legendary posers such as Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Ice, etc have proved to us that though we like entertainment, MUSIC should involve raw talent and not just gimmicks.

Our latest poser has been around for a while undergoing scrutiny for being a Corrections Officer, (which he lied about) turned super thug. Rick Ross. He voluntarily shares stereotypical encounters of his journey’s of paper chasing involving sex, money and drugs. Blah blah blah.  Now I’m sure there’s some ‘stretching the truth’ in a lot of people’s stories once in a while, but re-inventing yourself according to an image that business execs tells you will ‘sell’ is completely different. I mean, in real life, I’d feel disrespected if someone was constantly lying about themselves and thinking it’s cool because I must be dumb enough to believe them.  Anyone with a brain would then question why that person felt the need to impress them. What are they getting out of it?

When we look at artists who are labeled as ‘posers’ we must understand one word is behind this: Money. The music industry is well known to glorify the gangster image in media because of the profit in it. But why would someone who claims to understand ‘the struggle’ then mock it and in turn disrespect everyone truly having to go through it? Oh yeah: Money. Big corporations invest money in music industries, and music industries invest the money in the businesses these corporations hold. A good example is the prison industry.  There have been known meetings between private prison execs and music industry personnel in reference to filling the prisons. (with their help of course) You can read more about that HERE.

Giving true life accounts is: Life. Lying: is fronting, and only degrades the culture of Hip Hop.  Hip Hop does not need that. Just stick to being an artist, why disrespect your fans by assuming they’d only like a dumbed-down, zombified, fake hard-core version of yourself? Who cares, right? Again: Money. Keep it Real! Take a look at this: In the first video below, Rick Ross is asked about being a ‘gangster’

“Are you a gangster or an entertainer… or a collaboration of both?”

in which he replies:

“I get money in the entertainment business but we could get gangster at anytime. I don’t want anybody to ever get it twisted. That’s the reason Ross don’t really have no problems in the streets. You see the online thugs and twitter thugs but when it come to reality it’s a whole different game… I don’t even play like that. We do what we do in the music business but when it really comes down to what it really is, that’s why we here. That’s why we out here. Time gone tell that. That’s why I never panic in the midst of adversities because your true fabric gon come out at some point and your true character will stand the test of time.”

No problems in the streets? Yeah, alright. And then they go on to ask him to freestyle, which of course he refuses, and then is begged to spit something written, which again, he refuses. Wait, did he just blame it on the ‘kush’? This video, as hard as it was to watch without giving ourselves permanent forehead wrinkles, answered our questions on just how ‘hard’ he wants people to perceive him to be. (and how much raw talent he has or hasn’t, but that’s another topic)

Recently, his ‘gangsta’ was put to test and it seems Ross has A LOT of problems…. on A LOT of streets. Ross’s street problems come from The Gangster Disciples. The ‘Gangster Disciples’ have again come out with a message for Ross, causing him to cancel two of his upcoming concerts. They claim to have already given Ross a pass:

“for using our honorable chairman’s name in a disorderly fashion – a dishonest fashion.”

That courtesy is over, and they know where Ross will be, mentioning Greensboro and Charlotte. They then say when they catch him in his Maybach his “time is through” and that Ross should know his penalty.

Some of the conflict seems to arise out of a reference to Gangster Disciples’ leader Larry Hoover in Ross’ song “B.M.F (Blowin Money Fast)” – hence the comment about “our honorable chairman.” while other Gangster Disciple members appear to be upset that Ross has been acting like more of a gangster than he really is. Affiliated groups, such as ones in Florida and Georgia, have made their displeasure known on YouTube and demanded money.

The Gangster Disciples’ video message is posted below.  Though a look at the Ticketmaster page shows that Live Nation has canceled Ross’s shows, a Live Nation spokeswoman has not immediately responded to a request for comment. A lot of people will want to hear Ross’s explanation and we only hope he makes the right choice on how to address this. We have lost too many people on these streets from people thinking they have something to prove. Him cancelling the shows was a step in the right direction to avoid violence.

In closing, we’d like to address Ross with a message from us at MusikReform:

Dear William Roberts,

please just pay whoever you may have ‘referenced’ aka ‘stole their name/history/etc some money, money they’re entitled to since you made it off their lives, and drop the whole ‘gangster’ act. Denounce the ‘Gangster’ title NOW! You will be more respected for keeping it real versus causing more violence and continuing this cherade. You are hurting a culture you claim to respect. Release yourself from the grips of control. Now is the time to show the world what true Hip Hop is.



What are your thoughts? Should Ross denounce his ‘gangster’ title? Do you think he ever will or even should have to? Tell us what YOU think!

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