Blogs That Support Independent Hip Hop (Homework Time)

Blogs That Support Independent Hip Hop (Homework Time)

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19 thoughts on “Blogs That Support Independent Hip Hop (Homework Time)

  1. NEW MUSICAL VISUAL “FUNKTION” by Las Vegas native Thelonius of the Greatness And World Domination Scholars (GAWDS). The song is off the upcoming #TRAPGAWD musical project which will be released later this month. Follow up on Thelonius via the internet @TheloniusGawd and visit for more music. *VERYRARE* FOOTAGE “FUNKTION”

  2. Novel Bandana (Born Zack Lawson on April 11th 1990) is an upcoming rapper from Newport News, Virginia. Starting from the absolute bottom like any other self driven artist Novel Bandana learned life lessons the hard way. Running the streets making his own means of income, battle rapping making a huge name for himself on the streets of Newport News, and living recklessly. Living life in the fast lane at the early age of 18 his home was raided by the Newport News Gang Unit & gave him the reality check of a life time. In 2010 his life abruptly took a change for the worse after the passing of his best friend, that then motivated & pushed Novels’ rap career into gear.
    From there on Novel Bandana has been on a rampage; climbing his way up the musical ladder from countless open mic events to maxing out capacity at his own self thrown events, and he’s also performed at every urban night club to strip club in the Hampton Roads area. Dropping 5 consistent mix tapes Novel Bandana has webbed his life experiences, struggles, and life lessons into his music. He has disbursed|performed his music throughout Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida and Georgia & has moved over 5000+ copies of his recent Mixtape “KING ME”. He’s opened up for artist such as Que, Ca$h Out, Myko Montanna, KStylis, Zach Farlow, and the list goes on. Seen on,,,, along with many other write ups and blog sites.
    Novel Bandana is a rising rap artist that will soon be known and heard world wide. He is currently in the studio working on recording his first official studio album releasing digitally on iTunes. Priding his self on being the voice of the urban community in Virginia he strives to bust open the doors into the rap industry with original game changing music & giving fans a breathe of fresh air!

    Phone Number-7575090615
    Facebook – Novel Bandana
    Instagram – @novelbandana
    Google – Novel Bandana

    Novel Bandana x SQUAD (Official Video):

  3. Many critique the new styles and flavors that hip hop (rap, in particular) has adopted over the last decade. To their view, the new beats, rhythms, and even the lyrical delivery of artists, including the seemingly attenuation, or might we say ’embellishment’ of their vocals are, essentially, changing hip hop into a new genre.

    Pleasure to read your thoughts at my home on the web:

    We have noticed how hip hop has evolved in the last decade and a half to include styles and sounds that before would’ve not even been conceived, much less, entered the mainstream. We have seen individual artists and groups create completely new ‘sub-genre’, yet producing a massive fan base, ultimately, impacting hip hop as a genre altogether. Then, you have artists like Jay-z who have embraced hip hop’s new form while apparently going back to its quintessential form. There are also those, both artists and fans, who refuse to evolve with the genre, claiming that hip hop has lost its essence. I am on of those people, fortunately!

    We wonder, has hip hop lost something that made it beautiful, or has it gotten even more beautiful?

    Yes, when one listens to ‘Juicy’ by Notorious B.I.G, or ‘I Got Five On It’ by The Luniz, or even recent-era ‘In Da Club’ by 50 Cents, one feels as though these portray the quintessential form of the genre — however, listening to ‘Whistle’ by Flo Rida or ‘Feel The Moment’ by Pitbull, one, suddenly, finds in the genre another flavor that can be appreciated, at minimum…

    We think hip hop is currently on the verge of returning to its roots. After the killing of ‘auto-tune’ by J-zay, albums such as ‘Nothing Was The Same’, “Magna Carta”, and “Good Kid, M.a.a.d City” began to pioneer the return of hip hip to its known urban feel while, at the same time, keeping alive this lofty, jolly, yet flavorful-in-its-own-way form hip hop has taken, over the last decade. This makes for a very interesting fading-out.

    We then wonder, which are you, as an upcoming artist going to embrace? Better yet, which era of hip hop should you pattern your music after — since it seems like hip hop is going back..? We certainly hope whichever it is that your music is original.

    How about you, fans, where should hip hop go?

    underground music, undie artists, undie music, underground artists, independent recording artist, independent music, jay-z, magna carta, good kid, m.a.a.d city

  4. The artist Darick Spears aka DDS is taking hip hop to a whole new level of honesty and captivation through lyrics. His brand new album “The World Is Yourz” is guaranteed to be unlike any that you’ve ever heard before. The lyrics are original and over flowing with the raw truth of what life is really like through the eyes of DDS. No topic is off limits and the beats on the tracks are significant and 100% original. “Speakers” and “Juices” are sure to become hits throughout the nation. If you only buy one hip hop cd this year, do yourself a favor and purchase this one. It will have you thinking of previously unspoken topics through an entirely different perspective while delivering raw, catchy musical beats that you can bop along with in your car.

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