FREDDY E COMMITS SUICIDE (‘Ignorance’ By Freddy E 1/4/13)

R.I.P. Freddy E (Spoken Word: ‘Ignorance’ By Freddy E 1/4/13)

freddy e

Tyga’s Artist, Freddy E Commits Suicide

Published on Jan 4, 2013

written by Freddy E.


My pen blends the thoughts in my head.
Sadly, these aren’t the only sentences facing black men.
They blame bad luck for lack of bucks with their hands outstretched.
They’re reaching for change but I only have common sense to lend,
because, knowledge is priceless and being broke is the equivalence of ignorance.
It’s far from bliss, it’s far from this.
A nation’s generation so caught up in affiliation,
lost with no destinations, empty seats at graduations…
Searching for patience feels like I’m searching for the man,
in the red and white sweater and hat with the blue pants and glasses again…
Damn, there I go getting distracted again.
Bad habits and friends seem to mix like affection and gin,
while bullets seem to be the only shots these niggas can bartend.
And we’re back in church and it’s not even the weekend.
Everything happens for a reason,
I’m just praying God let’s me see another four seasons.
Yeah… and I’m praying for you,
as I ridicule this fabricated truth among the youth
that success is only found on a court or in a booth.
As I sit and view this news of this suicidal genocide
that’s got us scared of our own kind.
They got one life lost to white lines and jail time.
What good are the eyes if your mind is blind?
What good is the message if you ignore the signs?
You see… I’m just bringing all the facts in.
My words are like a chemical compound,
I’m just trying to get a reaction.


freddy e suicide
freddy e suicide

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