YouTube Banning Videos (Paid Views/Fake Views)

YouTube Banning Videos (Paid Views/Fake Views)


Previously we shared information with artists on the importance of not ‘faking’ followers/views/etc.  Though one can argue it’s a great way to fake it to the top, the consequences are far more of a task to handle. Recently, Major Label groups Sony and Universal was stripped of over 2 Billion views on their Youtube accounts. 2 Billion!

Other notable channels affected include the ones belonging to Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Beyoncé, and Avril Lavigne, among others. More than 500 prominent YouTube channels have been stripped of preexisting YouTube views in the past 30 days, something that causes concern when you consider that YouTube views counts, unlike subscriber statistics, are cumulative and cannot organically drop at any point throughout their existence.

Google’s takedown of these major music channels came on the same day that hundreds of YouTubers took to Google forums and their own YouTube channels to inform their peers that they’d been subject to a series of video takedowns for violations of YouTube’s Terms of Service (TOS). Some speculated that the widespread video takedowns were caused by a technical error, but YouTube confirmed that the users violated TOS item 4, Section H, which bans automated methods of inflating view counts.

This current take-down has some accounts ‘views’ to be lessened, while other accounts have their videos banned completely. This leaves many artists, and managers who were paid to get real views in deep trouble.

What do you think of artists who pay for fake statistics?

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