Golden Years by Ninety One (LP)

Golden Years by Ninety One

(Full LP)


The humble duo of Ninety One, want to take you back to the Golden Era. Where boombap hip hop reigned supreme, with vinyl drums, hard cuts, analog sounds and scratches. The duo from Paris have enlisted Emcees from around the world to lace the hard hitting beats and smooth samples. Emcees such as Rashid Hadee, A Chicago Veteran: L.A Local Nieve: the Legendary 49ers; to UK Emcee FMG. Ninety One are grateful to hip hop for the friendships created within the collaborations of this album.
This LP is a testament to hard work and creativity. Ninety One have gone from 2 “newbies” as they say it, to creating the “Golden Years”, an LP that will stand the test of time.

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