Hasheem Amin Ft. Sadat X and more (5 Tracks)

Hasheem Amin

Ft. Sadat X and more

(5 Tracks)

sadat x

Hasheem Amin is a straight out the 17th ward, Hollygrove and he got his start in the music game as one half of the group RECON doing work with labels like Big Boy Records and SouthCoast Music Group. The group, consisted of Hasheem Amin and Karheem and they released their first mainstream album in 1999 on Southcoast entitled, “Makin Moves”. Eventually they left Southcoast and after producing 3 uderground cult classics the group decided to solo.
Blackboy by Hasheem AminHasheem released an album called, “Blackboy by Hasheem Amin”, in 2006 and can be bought at CD Baby.com. Karheem is now a member of the Ghetto Slaves and works closely with Skip of UTP.
Hasheem is comin hard for 2011 and beyond with a fire flow and consciously spitting about the realities of coming up in Uptown New Orleans.

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1…… The Block – Ft. Sadat X 2…… The Microphone
3…… The Streets Still Jumpin
4…… Wicked
5…… U Big Dummy

The 17th is serious! This new material is refreshing and he’s got a series of videos that are already done.


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