The Resurrection by Da Realest Emcee – Full Album

The Resurrection

by Da Realest Emcee


Do you know what Hip Hop is? The Resurrection reminds it’s fans what Hip Hop is all about. Contradicting numerous stereotypes presently highlighted in mainstream rap, Da Realest Emcee gives his listeners a dope album dedicated to the true Hip Hop heads. It’s the type of music you can vibe and truly relate to and what we call: Hip Hop with No Artificial Flavors Added. One of the first tracks ‘Back 2 The Future’ expresses the need for Hip Hop to stay original and real. and the consequences of irresponsible music and it’s influences on our youth. As we move through the album we came to ‘Too many’ ft. Mr. Fickle and O’Moshyn. This track addresses every artist’s journey facing obstacles from a too many wannabe artists and not enough fans and everything in between.Whether you’re an artist, fan, or industry you will say this track is 100% on point. tracks like ‘Stand Up’ calling for the need of more responsible men in our society shows once again Hip Hop is alive and well. No matter what style of Hip Hop is your fav, The Resurrection is a plethora of it all. If you are Hip Hop in any way, this album is a must.

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-Da Realest Emcee

D.R.E ~ (Da Realest Emcee)
Born in Trenton, NJ and raised only by his mother, D.R.E was brought up to be humble and independent. He first started rapping at the age of 16 with a high school friend, Carlous, in a rap duo called N.F.L (Niggaz for Life). Uninspired at first, he went on hiatus until 20 when he acquired his first studio network. With experience from being an executive assistant during an internship with “Off Da Hook Entertainment” and enthusiasm from recording in an actual studio, he decided to start his own label and sign himself and two other artists to form the ultimate team. With his conscious and genuine lyrics, plus his devotion to keeping it real, he has gained a true hip-hop fan base. Certain fans consider him to be one of the realest emcees they have heard in a long time, hence the name, “Da Realest Emcee.” Since starting his label, he has performed at several venues, including “The Freedom Theater” on Temple University’s Campus, “Unity Day” in Philadelphia, and “The Wachovia Center” for the opening of the 2005 and 2006 “And 1 Mix Tape Tour.” In addition, he has performed in showcases hosted by DJ Kay Slay and opened up for recognized artists, such as Papoose and Styles P. Along with his label mate, “Ocean,” he was awarded best hip-hop song for “Stand UP” at the 2005 Willingboro Idol Showcase. Since then, his interest in writing has increased and progressed. D.R.E has featured on several tracks with his label mates, along with other local upcoming artists, such as “The Authentic” and “Nino Breeze.” He has recently released his first solo album and is trying to obtain a marketing and distribution deal. He has had air play on several radio stations, such as 100.3 The Beat, 103.3 WPRB, and Several tracks from his new solo album, “My Hip-Hop Composition,” are currently being aired in California on “Mr. R’s Undaground” FM Radio and the New York based internet radio station, “What’s Hot Radio.”

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