HipHop MusikReform’s ‘5 Best Emcees Of The World’ List

The 5 Best Emcees Of The World


We decided it’s time to do a Best Emcee list. Here is a list of the dopest artists to ever drop a lyric on a track.

In no particular order:

Kevin Federline

So under-rated!


Waka Flocka

bow bow bow! how could we not include these genius lyrics!

Rick Ross

“slip a molly in her drink, she ain’t even know!” Heck yeah! Me and the kids jam to this all the time on the radio, so of course I’d include Ross. Ughhhhhh! Growlllll! Bubbleguts   Ughhhhh!

Shaquille O’Neal

It aint hard to tell we know he got skills man!


Mr T

This track was definitely slept on!


 P.S…… April Fools!


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