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Swerve & SYG

Pay Day EP


The ‘Pay Day EP’ is the 3rd project released by Swerve & SYG, the previous one being only a couple months prior with Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2. The ‘Pay Day EP’ was created to wrap up a Swerve & SYG series titled ‘Pay Day’ which happen to drop on the 1st & the 15th each month. The two have been releasing solo songs alternate of each other twice a month since January of this year. They have added 3 entirely new Swerve & SYG songs as well as remixed previously released Swerve songs like ‘No Lifeguard On Duty’ & ‘Somethings Gotta Give’ to include SYG. Find out more info on Swerve & SYG by going to www.swerve916.com

The ‘Pay Day EP’ is a “name your price” release. You can become a supporter by entering in a price of your choice or, If your price is free, simply enter 0.00 for the free download. If for some reason you can’t use Bandcamp, a alternate link is provided below.

Swerve & SYG’s most recent mixtape Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2 can be downloaded HERE.
1. Swerve & SYG – Tryna Get Paid (prod. Melaz)
2. SYG – Love.Sent.Delivered (LSD) (prod. Gloam)
3. Swerve – ‘Til The Sun (prod. D-Rock)
4. Swerve & SYG – No Lifeguard On Duty f. Rav.P (prod. D-Rock)
5. SYG – Have Mercy (prod. Profound)
6. Swerve – You Trippin’ (prod. D-Rock)
7. Swerve & SYG – 2023 (prod. Vanilla)
8. Swerve – No Idea (prod. DJ Mentos)
9. Swerve & SYG – Something’s Gotta Give (prod. Earl Grey)
10. Swerve & SYG – Where Can U Go? (prod. Rise Sovereign)
11. SYG – No Respect (Rodney Dangerfield) (prod. Jansport J)

Art: ArtByShake.com
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