Whosane “Move” (Prod. By: Eric Lau)

Whosane “Move”

(Prod. By: Eric Lau)


“Do you know who you rocking with?” challenges Whosane on this first of three singles off his forthcoming album, Brooklyn to Cape Town. Damn, not another American MC selling his self-pimping brand of capitalist rap to the African muthaland? Chill. Whosane isn’t your average rapper chasing booty, bling and Benjamins into the Billboard charts. “You can transcend space and time, like I do” he raps while riding a low-slung hypnotic Indian raga riff courtesy of London-based producer Eric Lau that’s so cosmically cool you can almost hear George Harrison inviting Nas to tune in and drop out on the Maharishi’s mat. Rapping about the “calculated routes” his globetrotting travels have taken him on, the Brooklyn-born, now Mother City-based MC walks the line between consciousness and con-shizzle by funneling his unmistakable Illmatic flow into a potent hip-hop landscape of panoramic tweets about his nomadic quest to keep hip-hop real. As a primer of just what else he’s got stashed in his carry on luggage, “Move” hints at the potential of Brooklyn to Cape Town to do precisely this.

Whosane’s debut album Brooklyn to Cape Town, due June 16th 2013. Look out for a full album review and interview, in Rolling Stone South Africa‘s June edition.

Rolling Stone

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