Treach Disses Vinnie In New Song?! @naughtybynature @triggertreach

Why Oh Why?!

Treach Disses Vinnie In New Song

(Naughty By Nature’s Done?)


Man, this is some messed up stuff. Treach and Vinnie are going at each other? And Naughty By Nature might be done? Just a few weeks ago, our owner here at MusikReform was invited to a be a guest judge alongside Vinnie at an event promoting the Naughty Tour which seemed to be doing fine and so was everyone involved.  Currently the tour is still going on and is being reported as not having any cancellations. I don’t know how that’s going to work out considering Treach just released a track dissing Uncle Vinnie.  We’ve included a little timeline of events that’s happened up until this point.

I have no idea where this came from but out of the blue Treach decided to tweet:


Followed By….


Vinnie then responded by taking to his Instagram account and posting this ‘message’….


“Business 101: You could Never fire the owner ;-)” – Vinnie

A few hours later, Vinnie showed his strength by posting from the Official Naughty By Nature Twitter page: which Vinnie owns.


Well, okay. Maybe Treach is just bugging. Mixed communication or something? From what Vinnie said, they’re upcoming performance for the Roots Picnic is going on as planned too.  Which leaves us wondering how superior their business skills must be if they can perform after Treach has now released this track dissing Vinnie.

And what does KayGee think of all this? Currently he’s working with Treach on a new project as you can see:



But as for the beef:



Unfortunately, the advice came a little too late, here’s Treach’s newest track entitled ‘Tall Midget’

[grandmp3 id=7380 autoplay=false]

Sheesh! Those were some harsh words. I don’t know if it was creative differences in a mainstream world or they’re joining the ‘beef is press’ game, but whatever has them beefing, we hope they’d just work it out. I mean, who can see Naughty By Nature coming to an end? Sure not this Jersey girl. If I could ask Treach and Vinnie, I’d want to know what the heck even started all this? I mean shit, is it really that serious?

peace-it-upUPDATE!! UPDATE!! UPDATE!!



You’ll see why I posted the above Tweet by our owner of MusikReform after reading Vinnie’s last post:


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