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Pragmatic Theory Presents



Our past releases have featured many talented artists & beat makers, such as the soulful vocals of Miles Bonny collaborating with producer Ta-ku on the December hip hop/funk/soul/jazz release: Pragmatic Theory presents New Classic, as well as Stonesthrow/Someofthaship Dudley Perkins a.k.a Declaime‘s submission on the March mc album Pragmatic Theory presents Phonaesthetics which you could also find UK artist Melanin 9 and Keith Murray‘s younger brother Fish Grease. In April of this year we released two albums: ‘Euphonic Elements’ with even more talented producers such as ChiefESTA.Repeat PatternVanillaBudaMonkMelodiesinfonie & more showcasing their skills in this cohesively versatile April compilation befitting its title and the other being UK producer Handbook with ‘Dustworks‘, whom was our second single artist Pragmatic Theory album exclusive.

With this newest beat tape, we’ve decided to go back to our roots, SOUL and so we invite you to give THE SOUL SESSIONS a listen with yet again the talented Miles BonnyPoldooreTa-kuChiefRepeat Pattern, & more.


Poldoore – In Your Head
Chief – Ahhhhhhh!!!!
Handbook – Go 
Repeat Pattern – Ms Brown 
Ta-ku – Vibrations
Miles Bonny – As
Robot Orchestra – Keep On
DJ Sapien – Music For the People
Josef Blo – Stay Close
Blap Deli – RenItBahMeh 
Al Patron – What It Means
JuSoul – Thru The Summer 
.Phase – Life Changes
Jewbei – Music For Sensuous Lovers
Prozak Morris – The Lazy Ol Magic Circle Dude Ranch And Collective Love Farm 
Ben Bada Boom – True 
ManOfTheDown -Radical Empiricism
KLIM beats – Make It Up 
Glyphick – If You Love Me, Show Me 
Nextwon – Whatever (It Takes) 
Funky Notes – Do it again
Miles Bonny – Golden Lady
Deebio – Anoda 
Sixfingerz – It’s So Hard
Santo – For Ur Love
Constrobuz – On Your Own 
Brock Berrigan – We Meet Again 
Keor Meteor – Boss 
Pawcut – Mari 
Es-K – Long Time Down 
JP Balboa – Stay Strong 
MadColour – For A Million
J-Felix – Move Me
ManOnWire – This Is Goodbye (Outro)


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