Dylan Joel ‘ YEP ‘ Official Video (Prod. Otis Grey)

Dylan Joel ‘ YEP ‘

Official Video

(Prod. Otis Grey)


Dylan Joel continues his meteoric rise this year following the
success of his 2012 EP “Kid Illin'” which saw his breakthrough
single ‘Leveled’ receive solid rotation on triple j and won him
triple j’s “Pyramid Rock” unearthed competition. His new
mixtape ‘That’s Good’ promises to be his best work to date
and showcases Dylan’s progression as a burgeoning
Australian MC.
Undeniable proof of Dylan’s progression on ‘That’s Good’
comes from his track ‘Yep’ which sees Dylan delivering
flawless double time lyrics at break-neck speed over the
thumping drums and driving sax sample courtesy of Canadian
producer Otis Grey.
Teaming up with his next door neighbour (and senior citizen!)
Mollie for the ‘Yep’ music video, Dylan has some serious
competition as Mollie unleashes some double time of her
own. Dylan Joel’s ‘Yep’ is poised to go viral with his unlikely
collaborator’s amazing performance which is certain to leave
any viewer with a smile on their dial.

Signup for your Free copy of “That’s Good” now at: http://www.dylanjoel.com
(Available 5th of July, 2013).

Video Shot & Directed by Justin Singer

(Feat. Molly at 83 years of age)

Mixed by: Sean Williams

– Never Remember — Kneebody
From the album: Kneebody (2005)
– Performed by: Adam Benjamin, Shane Endsley, Kaveh Rastegar, Ben Wendel, Nate Wood
– Publishing Rights: Greenleaf Music Label


// Yep / Might need to mention just a slight intervention /
devalued materialistic type of attention /
better scene than this, used to speaking with your fists /
so concerned about the status, its the reason that you miss /
Observing what’s around me, feel the bite of the frustration /
thinking someday it might happen, but is god testing my patience /
can we sell out a show if our tracks are bedroom creations? /
cause for all I know I may not be aiming for the right location /
I’ma take a vacation, maybe soon hit up toronto /
always winning cause my lotto’s looking forward to tomorrow /
international at it’s best, one night track, bit of stress /
got my head all feeling messed so hope this makes you leave impressed /
Know that I ain’t just writing man, I’m taking a rightful stand /
for the things in life that need a voice, despite my plan /
some get lost, wondering if cash can make ya /
but my motivation’s cutting edge, so scissors beats paper /..

/ Yep / Motivation beyond expectation, so we pacing /
hope those little parts of me will be witnessed at the right place /
and I hit em’ with a little bit of what’s inside /
never been the one to withdraw, provide /
I’ll be on a mindset, knowing that we might get /
all the mistakes that we’ve in time /
Once I was scared, pretty sure now I’m prepared /
maybe what’s materialistic has to get me there? /
Never gonna be the one to hold back and forsee /
that everything I’ve ever done is only short of a belief /
and even though I don’t know where I’m gonna be in five years /
I’d prefer to try and change the world than live it in fear.. /
Stacks other rappers that could rip me to pieces /
and the fans always stand like “dude why do you speak this?” /
Difference between losing battles and being the weakest /
cause my strength comes from knowing that I’ve got a rap thesis /
Lot of you miss the point, now I’ve got something to tell you /
whether on stage or on the floor, we still have the same value /
was aiming to get signed, thinking that it’s so real /
but if not I’ma do my own show, deal or no deal //.


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